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Tell us about your business and how 20K could make a difference.

Simply submit a 150-word pitch or a video about your startup or idea and tell us what R20 000 can do for your innovation.

Please note: Duplicated entries are not allowed. Once you have submitted a form, your details are captured and duplications are recognised by the system. 

Disclaimer: One entry makes you eligible to win throughout the campaign, competition ends 31 July. Ts&Cs Apply.

Aspire Solutions is a specialist information technology company that helps organizations take high-impact steps towards solving enterprise-wide, business, system or project challenges.

We integrate a start-now philosophy and just-in-time design principles with agile development processes.  This ensures rapid and cost-effective delivery of custom IT solutions that exceed client expectations and prioritise value.


Making the Connections

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Aspire does tech better

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Our get-going mindset

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At the helm

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An extraordinary team

The Aspire staff

Our Mindset

We integrate a ‘start-now' philosophy and ‘just-in-time design’ principles with agile development processes.  This ensures rapid and cost-effective delivery of custom IT solutions that exceed client expectations.

But we go further than this... We don't only know what works in theory; we know what works in practice. We apply these principles using the wealth of experience that we have gathered over time and with lashings of common sense.  We prioritise value at all times.

Complex projects often fail to launch due to the range of variables that need to be understood and foreseen.  At Aspire Solutions, we believe in a start approach. We do not get stalled by guesswork, nor do we try to plot a full course before we get going, as we know that the solutions to complicated problems are developed over time.

The ‘just-in-time’ and lean design principles that we apply ensure continuous improvements through iterative development. Working in short cycles makes it possible for us to effectively determine which routes best serve our clients and which challenges need to be avoided. In doing this, projects run a lower risk of stalling and the time required and costs are significantly reduced.

The responsive nature of rapid and short feedback cycles allows for less guesswork and for more substantive choices to be made. We examine the results of every work loop in order to adapt our thinking and make the necessary changes required to optimize development. This results in better integrated and sustainable software design.

Once the project is complete and a system has been implemented, we continue to share expertise and offer support, in areas such as data cleaning and data flows, to ensure that your system is and remains successful.

Our Leadership

Mike Steyn and Mushfiqoh Samodien head up the Aspire team and together are a force to be reckoned with.  They bring to the table very different work profiles, skills and experience that they dovetail cleverly to form a leadership team without gaps or blind spots.

Operations director and company founder, Mike, has a background in engineering and a wealth of experience in the tech industry.  He is grounded and resolute, and a phenomenal teacher.  He understands that leadership is not a title but an action and an example.

Mushfiqoh Samodien, business director and mover and shaker, drives Aspire forward into a future that she understands, taking due care to bring each person with her.  She has walked a journey that most would have faded from, which has made her strong, passionate and unwilling to quit. Mushfiqoh lives by the philosophy that good leaders lead businesses that make a difference.

Our Services

We help companies and enterprises build open-architectured integrated information systems within their organizations.

To this end, we provide the following services:


We provide design and advisory services to support CIOs and their IT departments in achieving a vision of fully integrated systems.

We believe in open architectured designs which allow for system or component changes that are vendor agnostic.

Strategic IT Consulting

CIO Support Services

Integrated Systems Blueprinting


Based on Microsoft .Net technologies, we provide custom software design, development and implementation services.

The aim is to replace manual processes or outdated legacy systems. Our software often complements and integrates into ERP implementations.

Custom Software System Development

API Development

System Integrations

System Implementation & Change Management

System Support


Often in conjunction with primary system interventions, we provide data warehousing and BI design, development and implementation services.

We do this with consideration of sound data model design, data quality and master data integrity.

Warehousing Design & Implementation

Primary System Linkages

Data QA & Cleansing

Data Analytics

BI Design & Implementation

Our Team

We are unwavering in our belief that Aspire Solutions will always be a people-centric company.  The formula is simple: we do great work because we take care of a great team.

Each remarkable staff member is fully committed to the agile Aspire mindset and doing tech better.  We believe in close collaboration and role flexibility. Furthermore, we understand the immeasurable value of continuous learning and self-enrichment, and go above and beyond every single day to improve on yesterday.

Mogamat Allie Samsodien

Junior Consultant

Chef | Gamer | Lover of Long Drives

Aspire has a 'all hands on deck' attitude. We all pitch in where needed to sail each project smoothly.

"Always find the lesson in everything so you can do better next time. There is always room for improvement."

Kobus Du Plessis

Senior Developer

Traveller | Motorcyclist | Coffee Drinker

Aspire has a very distinctive company culture that helps us do tech better.

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that determine the significance of the life we lead.” - Nelson Mandela.

Verushka du Plessis 

Technical Project Manager

Motocross Rider | Surfer | Artist

Aspire is a team. Where one person falls, another will hold out a hand and pick you up.

"Light can devour the darkness but darkness cannot consume the light. Be the light."

Waseem Essack

Senior Business Analyst

Traveller | Football Fan | Car Enthusiast

There is a real sense of unity among everyone at Aspire. We learn from each other as we are encouraged to wear multiple "hats" and our titles/roles do not define the way we are treated.

"When things are too hard to handle, retreat and count your blessings instead."

Philip Nel

Senior Developer

Cyclist | Hiker | Gamer

We punch well above our weight. The quality and the rate at which we deliver solutions sets us apart.

“The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.” ― Thomas A. Edison

Rob Gracie

GIS Technician

Hockey Player | Reader

At Aspire, we are a diverse set of people who work well together.

"Keep your eye on the ball."

Ashley Alexander


Jazz Lover | Football Fan | Underwater Enthusiast

We work together like a well oiled bicycle, changing to the right gear at the right time.

“Laughter is the best medicine."

Lance Oakes


Diver | Lifesaver | Triathlete

Everyone at Aspire has a real passion for what they are doing, which is inspiring.

"One life... live it."

Rob MacMillan


Motorcyclist | Electronics Guru | Radio Nut

The only way to do great work is to love what you do and I love working here. Aspire fills a large part of my life.

"Do what is right, not always easy."

Visi Mansukinini

Project Developer

Reader | Footballer | Nature Lover

We work and interact as a team with one vision. As a work environment, Aspire is a cool and healthy place.

"Never give up. Remember things take time"


Senior Project Administrator

Reader | Traveller | Event Planner

I am proud to be a part of Aspire Solutions, a company that values innovation and employee growth. With a commitment to excellence, Aspire Solutions not only invests in cutting-edge technologies but also prioritizes the well-being of its employees,

“It’s the little things in life”


Junior Project Developer

Poet | Cyclist | Active Community Member

Aspire embodies the spirit of limitless possibilities, fostering growth and innovation in every endeavour.

"In the tapestry of life, every thread counts; in community development, every effort we make weaves a brighter future."


Data Analyst

Chef | F1 Nut | Golden Oldies Music Lover

Aspire Solutions fosters growth with ample opportunities for career advancement.

“Trust your instincts; they are the compass that points to your true north."

Mike & Mushfiqoh


Mentors | Friends | Business Owners

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."



1. Who is eligible to enter the Grow 20 series competition?

The competition is open to tech startups that are registered and have been in operation for at least 1 year. Employees of Aspire solutions and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the Grow 20 series.

2. How can I enter the Grow 20 series competition?

To enter the competition, create a video about your business and submit it through the submission page on our website after completing the entry form. The video must not be longer than 5 minutes.

3. What should be included in the video submission?

  • The video must include an introduction to your startup.
  • Your core product or service.
  • Why do you believe your startup deserves to win?
  • What the money would do for your business.

4. When is the deadline for submissions/ the end of the competition?

The deadline for video submissions and the end of the competition is on 31st August, 2024.

5. How will the winner be selected?

The winner will be selected based on innovation and the potential impact of the cash injection on the startup. A panel of judges from Aspire Solutions will review all submissions.

6. When will the winner be announced?

The winner will be announced on 1st September on our social media platforms: Instagram and Linkedin.

7. What is the prize?

The winning startup will receive a cash injection of R20 000 and mentorship from Aspire Solutions.

8. Can I submit more than one video?

Each startup is limited to ONLY one video submission.

9. What format should the video be in?

The video should be in MP4 format and must not exceed 100mb in size.

10. How will my video be used?

By entering the competition, you agree that Aspire Solutions may use your video for promotional purposes on our website and social media channels.