16 DAYS of ACTIVISM 2022

This year Aspire solutions has decided to take action by supporting the Ubomi Obutsha Centre in Gqberha, one of our countries toughest cities for underprivileged families. The UOC is a a community based, non-profit organisation that combines volunteered time, donated resources, developmental activities and social support systems into a Family Focus programme that aims to build the following within the poor, vulnerable and high-risk families of the community:

  • Family Cohesion
  • Family Resilience
  • Family Self-Sustainability

Director of Ubomi Obutsha Centre Mark Lawler says, “16 days of activism each year is great for creating some awareness, but it takes 365 days of support and work to make the difference we are talking about for the women and children who bear the brunt of the violence regularly sent their way.” 

We all need to make a difference beyond just ’16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children’ The Ubomi Obutsha Centre needs support to keep doing the good work that they are doing. And every little ongoing support amount changes lives, even if it is R50 / month. Consider becoming a regular donor. “The value in our work is not in how much we can distribute to the poor, but in how much we can develop the poor to care for themselves. To achieve our goals, relevant issues need to be sustainably addressed requiring regular financial support committed over time.” Contact the Ubomi Obutsha Centre: www.ubomiobutsha.org

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