Airport Operations

Airports Company SA


Aspire Solutions developed and implemented an enterprise-wide Airport Geographic Information System (GIS) at three international and seven domestic airports for Airports Company South Africa. The adoption and integration of geospatial tools, services and data across many departments within Airports Company (including operations, planning, maintenance, commerce, safety, security and more) ensured a significant return on investment for Airports Company SA.


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The enterprise-wide system was implemented in a phased manner, targeting all activities and operations which form part of airport management. This resulted in the system growing from a basic GIS to an integrated collection of spatial systems and services that are used in various departments and functions within the company. The tools implemented range from simple geospatial viewers to full geospatial applications and integrations built around a particular business requirement.


Final project scope:



  • Wildlife management
  • Runway inspections
  • Taxiway inspections
  • Safety management
  • Security management
  • Emergency management



  • Engineering drawings
  • Operational manuals
  • Land documents
  • Photos


  • Noise management
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting



  • Master planning
  • Apron planning



  • Pavement maintenance
  • Infrastructure & services
  • Fuel-asset management


  • Land management
  • Property development
  • Tenant management
  • Advertizing management
  • Asset register



  • AIP chart-making
  • Airside lighting
  • Airside signage & markings
  • eTOD