COVID-19 – A catalyst for business innovation

COVID-19’s impact on South Africa and the world means that the way we do business will be forever changed. The unfortunate truth is that many businesses have died a sudden death, but of those that have not, many are struggling with the basics like paying employees, monthly commitments and mounting debt. These are difficult times.

While our government is doing a commendable job in ensuring that businesses, including SMMEs, receive financial support and relief, businesses are labouring and are going to need to plan for their own mid- to long-term survival. Going forward, to survive, and even thrive, businesses and employees will need to be dynamic.

Business innovation will no longer be a luxury but a necessity. Whether a company opts to focus on making incremental or drastic changes to their products, processes or delivery, what is clear is there needs to be a change. And that change should directly translate to improving revenues.

In the past, taking dynamic or innovative business steps was often sceptically viewed as disruptive, extreme or unnecessary. But this thinking is a mistake. Real progress happens when companies embrace new processes, ideas, services or products.

It is time to work with companies who understand how to pioneer new systems that lead directly to profits for your business.  Aspire Solutions has found that the responsive nature of employing rapid and short feedback cycles helps to mitigate against calamities and can create stepping stones towards recovery.  It’s “start now” philosophy has never been more pertinent.

In this new adapt or die world, we help companies adapt.

So, we strongly advise getting started: simply take stock and start planning. What do you need to achieve? What tools or infrastructure do you have at your disposal? What still needs to be done? By the time we emerge from lockdown, your business can have covered great deal of ground.

Go on… get started.