Aspire Solutions is giving back because we believe that the only way we can grow in this country is if everyone is lifted up and looked after.  And so we’re getting back to basics with two drives to help out those who are battling with getting even the most fundamental needs fulfilled. We have involved our whole team because we all feel passionate about doing what needs to be done.

First, we have a Sandwich Drive happening in the Cape Flats areas.  The Aspire management and staff are all pitching in to help make sandwiches to feed families in areas like Bridgetown and Silvertown.   This week we started with Blossom Street Primary School and we intend to grow from here.  Going forward, we are calling for donations for as little as R10 to buy one loaf of bread to make sandwiches and we are appealing for people to start their own sandwich-making initiatives.  You can contact Aspire for more information and drop-off points.

Then in support of Sister Basha and the Legacy Programme for Girls, we have a Giving Box Drive that we are challenging all our partners, other businesses and individuals to join.  There are foster homes in Langa and Dunoon who are appealing for us to assist them with clothes and non-perishables.  We encourage business, sports clubs, schools and individuals to have a container available for staff and members to drop in items of food and clothing. You can drop off the boxes at our offices in Newlands, Cape Town, or contact Sister Basha for other collection points.

Support these drives.  Let’s do the work that needs to be done.