Many people may not know that every day on the 12th of April we celebrate the ingenuity, courage and determination of mankind to continue to explore, beyond this world, to outer space and the galaxy that lies around us.  The day is known as International Day of Human Space Flight and it marks the historic flight of Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin on April 12, 1961, when he became the first human being to travel into space and orbit the globe several times aboard the spacecraft Vostok 1.

This was to be the first of many excursions into outer space and the ‘space race’ to land a man on the moon was effectively won by the USA with the moon landing in 1969.

The captain of that flight, Neil Armstrong’s famous words as he took his first step on the moon about the small step for man and the giant leap for mankind, were not only a tribute to the people who had persevered, but also reflected the massive leap that technology had taken to make it possible.

It is also thanks to even more advanced technology that space exploration is still very much alive and even commercialised space travel is now more of a reality than just a pipe dream.

Great technology leads the way

So what is that technology doing now to take us even further? Space exploration of today and the future relies very heavily on the collection and immediate application of data. Supercomputing systems can process an unbelievable amount of data in a nanosecond, ensuring that scientists instantly have all the information they need at their disposal at all times. AI is without a doubt the biggest breakthrough in technology in recent years and it has affected almost every industry in one way or another. Space exploration is no exception either. AI, for example,  enabled the invention of the ‘rovers’ which are currently exploring Mars.

Solutions for the future

At Aspire Solutions we salute those who have continued to explore the unknown.  We also enjoy being at the forefront of tech expansion.

We may not do space tech per se, but due to the level of complexity of our large enterprise solutions, we could do the same for an organisation involved in space travel and would always welcome the opportunity. 

Talk to us about the solutions we can find for your specific ICT issues and find out that every step we take in our agile development process ultimately leads to giant leaps for our valued clients.