Live Traffic & Routing Applications

ANWB  |  The Netherlands


Aspire Solutions was instrumental in the development and implementation of a live traffic-mapping and multi-modal routing application for the Dutch automobile association, ANWB. This was done in collaboration with local partners MapIT and AAT, as well as TomTom as an international partner. For context, ANWB was founded in 1883 and, with 3.9 million current members, is the largest ‘club’ in the Netherlands. The company employs 3 654 people, handles 1.3 million breakdowns per year and has an annual turnover of 1075 million Euros.


traffic 01traffic 02


ANWB’s key channel to customers and sales is through their online presence, specifically through their website (  At the start of 2012, ANWB commissioned the this team to update and replace the live traffic maps, as well as the multi-modal routing tool on their website. Rated as the 110th busiest website in Holland, and around the 1200th busiest in the world, the applications were required to handle peak design loads of around  600 hits per second.


Aspire Solutions was tasked to integrate the various spatially enabled data services and to provide ANWB front-end web developers with a consolidated and well-documented application programming interface (API), in order for them to easily add the new live traffic maps and routing tools to their website.


The project is a prime example of how modern web applications are constructed through the use of various web data feeds and web services. These data services include a base-map data service from AAT, live traffic and routing services from TomTom, as well as a host of other feeds, such as live weather, parking information and points of interest.  The team had to face various complex challenges relating to map projections, optimizations, caching and map rendering.  The key to the success of such a project is careful technical planning and execution, sound collaboration between all project partners, tidy housekeeping and good communication.