Machine learning, image recognition, cloud computing services -the technology landscape is changing in leaps and bounds as the Fourth Industrial Revolution extends its reach.

Businesses might feel pressured to grab onto the ‘next big thing’ in their efforts to stay ahead of the pack, but Aspire’s clients know they can depend on the steadying hands of our software developers. 

Our clients appreciate that we use tried and tested technology to rapidly deploy business solutions meeting their needs, while taking the time to separate the hype from the real value when assessing newcomers on the block.

Aspire’s Operations Director, Mike Steyn, says it’s a recipe for disaster to jump from one technology to the next. Far better to use a reliable system that allows for an iterative, agile approach to solutions development.

“We’ve created a framework that is based on good, solid IT,” he explains. “It’s extendable, standards-compliant and open-architectured, and we use that as a springboard to do rapid development.”

Senior software developer Philip Nel agrees, saying that although developers typically want to play with the latest and greatest technology, it comes at a cost.

“The danger of implementing leading-edge technology is that you spend way more time just keeping your stack stable, versus implementing new solutions or catering for business requirements better.”

At the same time, there’s a need to find a balance between reliability and future-proofing. Businesses want to ensure that their technology doesn’t become too old to maintain in a few years, and that they won’t be left behind in embracing change. That’s why we create space for our software developers to properly assess new technologies and evaluate how they can best be used in custom IT solutions for our clients.

Aspire’s particular strength is rapid development and deployment of those solutions, achieved through our ‘start now’ philosophy and ‘just-in-time’ design principles. This cost-effective approach allows us to start small, tackling minor issues and working in short feedback cycles, to find out which routes best serve our clients and which challenges can be avoided. Based on our findings, we adapt our thinking and make the changes needed to optimise development. The benefit to the client is better-integrated and more sustainable software, and we remain available after its implementation to share expertise. By offering support in areas such as data cleaning and data flows, we help ensure the ongoing success of the client’s system.