Outdoor Advertising Management

City of Johannesburg


Aspire Solutions worked closely with the City of Johannesburg on an initiative aimed at legalizing outdoor advertising, reducing advertising clutter and ensuring the proper collection of revenues.  While assisting with an audit of its outdoor advertising assets, we developed, populated and implemented a spatially based advertising management system (AMS) to help with the ongoing management of these assets.  The city’s new AMS was developed and implemented to give the City of Johannesburg the ability to manage outdoor advertising contracts better, to project future incomes based on sales more accurately, to assess the compliance of by-laws more easily and to produce quick management summary reports.


advertising 01advertising 03advertising 02

The first phase of the project included the auditing of all existing sites and the collection of data on details such as the site location and the information and images on the advertisements. This data was then collated and included in a geospatial database.  Thereafter, the sites were evaluated to check if they were covered by rental contracts and whether they complied with local by-laws.


The second phase of the project included the development of a web-based system that stores outdoor advertising data and manages the outdoor advertising processes.


System functionality:

  • Managing contracts with media owners.
  • Reporting on media owners’ sales and incomes.
  • Viewing site information, including location and visuals.
  • Managing and reporting on new site applications.
  • Performing automatic by-law checks via a spatial compliance calculator.
  • Interacting with information via an interactive map (GIS) viewer.

Finally, Aspire Solutions was also responsible for tasks that extended beyond the actual system implementation, such as the handover period, the transfer of skills and ongoing support.