Aspire Solutions is committed to showcasing and empowering women in the tech industry, recognizing their valuable contributions and promoting gender diversity in this rapidly evolving field. In this biography, we highlight the inspiring journey of a remarkable woman in tech who has overcome challenges and seized opportunities to make a significant impact through innovation and problem-solving.


As a woman in the tech space, have you encountered any unique challenges or opportunities that have shaped your approach to problem-solving and innovation?

There has actually been more opportunities than challenges. Having held many exco corporate positions enabled me to be more creative and innovative in my approach to problem solving through technology. It has not been very difficult to make my voice heard and my ideas valued because the one thing that we focus on is delighting our customers. We are committed to our cause, pedantic about our clients and strongly advocate impeccable delivery.


Can you share a project or achievement you’re particularly proud of and how it has contributed to your personal and professional growth?

We were recently tasked with a solution implementation, one that would usually take 6-12 or more months to deliver, which we delivered within 4 months. We were on time, all parties were delighted because not only did we deliver the project within a record breaking time, we also delivered it with impeccable accuracy and professionalism ! For this, I would like to thank the team who made the opportunity possible for us to demonstrate our capability.


Mentorship can play a crucial role in one’s career. Have you had any mentors or role models in the tech industry who have influenced your growth? How did they impact your professional journey?

Plenty, though not necessarily in the Tech world, some in Banking and some in business such as Christiaan de Beer-Al Khaliji, Eugene van Niekerk-Credit U, Jonathan Jawno-Transactional Capital, Ciaran Whelan-Investec, George Roussos-African Bank. These were all my ex Managers who were really tough men that made such a great impact in my career and in my life, beyond my working career.

The tech industry can sometimes be fast-paced and demanding. How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance and ensure your well-being while pursuing your career in technology?

Ah, when I see myself writing emails at 2am in the morning, I smile nervously at this question. Once again it’s about quality and not quantity. It is about the value that you bring to your family in the minutes and hours that you do have available and giving them that special attention when they most need it. Don’t be aggravated, angry, irritated -when your child mistakenly leaves something at home when you in a hurry and you barely have the time to go back to fetch the forgotten item, just pleasantly smile and say no problem and then you will understand how easy it is to make small differences that have a big impacts. There are two things that I am known for  -1) Being a Tech radical and the other, being a radical in the kitchen !


Many young girls and women may be hesitant to pursue a career in tech due to societal stereotypes or lack of representation. What advice would you give to someone who is interested in entering the tech field but is unsure about taking that step?

Be bold, be adventurous and know that the one thing in this world that will never remain constant, is Technology. This is a world of endless opportunity, Africa and Beyond for Tech women. Strive towards achieving it because the world has transitioned to such a digital context that you can work from anywhere in the world on the biggest projects in the world ! Be resilient and play deaf to any cynics who deter you by not having an understanding of the world that we now live in – Through the power of Technology !