Aspire Solutions is committed to showcasing and empowering women in the tech industry, recognizing their valuable contributions and promoting gender diversity in this rapidly evolving field. In this biography, we highlight the career of tech industry maverick, Zandile Mkwanzani, a woman who is defying norms and forging a path that reshapes the industry’s future.


As a woman in the tech space, have you encountered any unique challenges or opportunities that have shaped your approach to problem-solving and innovation?

Absolutely, as a woman in the tech space, I’ve faced distinct challenges that have profoundly influenced my approach to problem-solving and innovation. When I started my journey in the tech industry and later founded GirlCode, the glaring gender disparities were evident. This challenge became an opportunity for innovation, propelling me to create a space where women could thrive.

The lack of representation and unequal opportunities underscored the importance of fostering an inclusive environment. It inspired me to create GirlCode, an initiative designed to equip girls with the skills and confidence to navigate the tech world.

Through GirlCode, I channelled my experiences into innovative programs and workshops that address the unique challenges women often encounter in tech. In essence, the challenges I encountered as a woman in tech became the foundation for innovation. They guided me to build an organization that not only teaches girls to code but also nurtures their problem-solving abilities and fuels their innovative thinking. By addressing the challenges head-on, I’ve been able to reshape the industry’s landscape for the better.


Can you share a project or achievement you’re particularly proud of and how it has contributed to your personal and professional growth?

A project that holds immense pride for me is the establishment and growth of the GirlCode hackathon, which later evolved into a comprehensive non-profit organization. This initiative has significantly contributed to both my personal and professional growth.

Initially starting as a small-scale event, the GirlCode hackathon aimed to create a safe and empowering space for women to showcase their coding skills. Witnessing the enthusiastic response and the impact it had on participants was deeply rewarding. This achievement gave me the confidence to envision something bigger—a platform that could truly empower young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue careers in tech.

The evolution of GirlCode into a non-profit organization has not only impacted the lives of countless girls but also challenged me to grow as a leader. It demanded skills in project management, strategic planning, partnership building, and team leadership. Each stage of growth brought new lessons, fostering my adaptability and resilience as a leader.

Personally, the project allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals who shared the vision of gender diversity in tech. It fostered a sense of community and provided a platform for me to be a role model for aspiring young women. The stories of girls whose lives were transformed by our programs continue to drive me forward, reaffirming my dedication to the cause.

Professionally, leading GirlCode has taught me to navigate complex challenges, manage a team, and make strategic decisions. It has deepened my understanding of the tech industry’s dynamics and the importance of creating inclusive spaces. The recognition and partnerships that GirlCode has garnered have expanded my network and opened doors to collaborations and opportunities that I once only dreamed of.

In summary, the journey from a small hackathon to a thriving non-profit organization has enriched my personal growth by connecting me with a community of change-makers and motivated me to be a better leader. Professionally, it has sharpened my skills, expanded my impact, and solidified my commitment to breaking gender barriers in the tech industry. wing that you have the power to shape the future of technology.


Mentorship can play a crucial role in one’s career. Have you had any mentors or role models in the tech industry who have influenced your growth? How did they impact your professional journey?

Mentorship has indeed played a pivotal role in my career, particularly in the tech industry. One individual stands out as a significant mentor and role model who has profoundly influenced my growth – my boss’s wife at the company where I started my journey. Her unwavering belief in my potential and her willingness to guide and support me left an indelible mark on my professional journey. When I shared my idea of starting GirlCode with her, she not only provided encouragement but also practical insights that helped shape the initiative. Her mentorship extended beyond advice; she actively connected me with opportunities that expanded my horizons. Her guidance empowered me to step outside my comfort zone, explore new avenues, and develop the skills necessary to navigate the tech industry.

Her impact was not limited to my early career. As GirlCode grew, her ongoing advocacy and support played a vital role in propelling the organization forward. Her belief in our mission and her active involvement helped us secure partnerships, resources, and recognition that we might not have achieved otherwise. On a personal level, her mentorship taught me the value of paying it forward. Inspired by her example, I’ve become a mentor myself, guiding young women as they embark on their tech journeys. In essence, her mentorship instilled in me the importance of fostering a supportive environment for aspiring women in tech. Her guidance, advocacy, and unwavering support influenced not only my professional growth but also my mission to empower girls through GirlCode. Her legacy of mentorship continues to impact me and the organization to this day.


The tech industry can sometimes be fast-paced and demanding. How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance and ensure your well-being while pursuing your career in technology?

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance in the dynamic tech industry is indeed a challenge, but it’s essential for sustained success and well-being. I’ve learned to delegate responsibilities and empower my team. Trusting them with tasks and decisions allows me to focus on strategic aspects of the organization while avoiding burnout. I make sure to prioritize quality time with my family. Whether it’s going out and doing activities, sharing meals, or simply spending time together, these moments are essential for maintaining balance. More importantly, I’ve learned to recognize my limits and not overcommit which means that saying no when necessary allows me to avoid overwhelming myself and maintain equilibrium.


Many young girls and women may be hesitant to pursue a career in tech due to societal stereotypes or lack of representation. What advice would you give to someone who is interested in entering the tech field but is unsure about taking that step?

My advice to young girls would be to believe in your boundless potential and not let societal stereotypes or doubts hinder your pursuit of a tech career. Embrace your passion for technology, break down barriers, and challenge preconceived notions. Seek out role models who have triumphed in the tech industry; their journeys will inspire you to forge your path. Remember that learning is a journey, and each challenge you conquer only makes you stronger. Engage with supportive communities and mentorship programs, building a network that uplifts you.

Start small by exploring your interests within tech and be unafraid of failure—it’s a stepping stone to growth. Visualize the impact you wish to make and remain resilient in the face of challenges. Your journey is shared by countless others; by entering the tech field, you can contribute to its diversity, innovation, and transformation. Embrace the journey with determination and enthusiasm, knowing that you have the power to shape the future of technology.