According to recent surveys, digital skills and services can potentially create over 66 000 jobs in SA’s ICT sector over the next year, a whopping two-thirds of which are entry-level roles.

It is widely believed that after the significant knock taken by our local economy due to the pandemic, one way to assist recovery and fuel growth will be through digital services and ICT skills training, particularly focused on the South African youth.

This decidedly emphasises the need for training of ICT specialists but as always there are challenges. According to the experts “digital skills training initiatives for ICT roles need to be cheaper, quicker and more inclusive because traditional training programmes that require many years of formal training, degrees and extensive work experience exclude many young people who can do the work.”

A solution?

The solution lies in good ICT specialist companies creating their own in-house training facilities and that’s exactly what we did at Aspire Solutions. Realising that this was the only way we were going to get the kind of qualified programmers we needed, we took a leap and created the Aspire Training Academy.

How does it operate?

We have chosen to not take the long route by reinventing the wheel and creating new training material but instead have sourced and vetted the best resources and information from existing material. We train all inductees to be full-stack developers in a step-by-step process from the ground up, moving them up the stack as they master each step.

The learning is done on a project-by-project basis chosen by the learner. Pretty soon, with an atmosphere of teamwork instilled by the ethos of the company, those who learn faster assist those still working up through the ranks. 


A hands-on approach

Learners are encouraged to become part of real projects being undertaken by the company as soon as they are competent in that area of expertise. This hands-on approach and being part of a functioning business escalates the training and prepares learners for qualified positions more rapidly than normal tertiary education would.


We aspire to be more than just ICT specialists

At Aspire Solutions our core staff are highly qualified thanks to these training methods. Combine this with our ‘start now’ mindset and a competent leadership team and you have a recipe for the finest technology solutions available anywhere.

Connect with us to learn more and let’s see how we can actualise what you aspire to achieve!