Transportation Reporting System (TRS)

City of Cape Town


Aspire Solutions helped develop and implement a comprehensive web-based transportation reporting system (TRS) to house data and to create data reports for the City of Cape Town.  The TRS enables survey data and reports to be made available within a week of field surveys being completed, while ensuring that the data is protected and controlled in a transparent and auditable manner.  Off the bat, the TRS provided city officials with the ability to improve the management of their data and to respond more quickly and efficiently to enquiries.


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This project introduced new data collection methodologies to the City of Cape Town, such as the on-board bus survey which makes it possible for direct data to be transferred from electronic GPS recording devices into the TRS, and therefore for reports to be issued in real time.


Project challenges:

  • We had no lead time for system development due to the fact that the surveys needed to start immediately.
  • The system development had to be done in a phased manner to implement the capture forms required for surveys one at a time.
  • From the onset, any new modules, functionality and changes had to be implemented in a manner that did not undermine existing live functionality.
  • User requirements, system design, system development, testing and implementation had to be developed in parallel.

In order to overcome these challenges, it was vital that all the people involved collaborate closely and implement frequent feedback loops to communicate often. Together with VelaVKE, the lead consultant on the project, an excellent working relationship was established with the City of Cape Town.