• Advertising

    Aspire Solutions worked closely with the City of Johannesburg on an initiative aimed at legalizing outdoor advertising, reducing advertising clutter and ensuring...



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  • Transport

    Aspire Solutions helped develop and implement a comprehensive web-based transportation reporting system (TRS) to house data and to create data reports for...



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  • Airports

    Aspire Solutions developed and implemented an enterprise-wide Airport Geographic Information System (GIS) at three international and seven domestic airports for...



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  • Traffic

    Aspire Solutions was instrumental in the development and implementation of a live traffic-mapping and multi-modal routing application for the Dutch automobile association...



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At Aspire Solutions, we believe in contributing positively and actively to the development of South African business; we believe in 'giving back'.  One of the ways in which we do this through is our networking initiative, the Aspire Honeycomb Network.  We believe we can create real value by creating engagement and mutually beneficial relationships, and even partnerships, within the business community.



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